Suburban Street News was established in 1976 as a community newspaper in White Plains, New York. It began as a weekly newspaper and over a period of 20 years became a monthly publication with a circulation of 25,000. The paper covered politics, city and county government, business, arts and entertainment, people and a variety of columns and editorials on subjects of community interest. It was widely recognized for its early and strong position against the tobacco industry, an editorial crusade that began in the mid 1980's and continued until the paper stopped publishing a hard copy edition in 1995.

The editor and publisher of the paper, James C. Benerofe recognized that print media was fighting what appeared to be a losing battle for advertising dollars from the electronic media, radio, television, and the internet. The conclusion was that the long-range success of the company would ultimately be in the development of a multi-media communications company. It was also clear that it would take a number of years to make the transition. In 1996 Suburban Street News, Inc., acquired seven domain names to be used to develop interactive internet websites. The first of these sites began operations in 1996. It is a site where anyone can express an opinion. Our second site is this site,, which is an electronic version of the newspaper.A third is, a website dedicated to "All Things White Plains".

Currently, two executives run the website operations, James C. Benerofe and Stephen E. Morton. Both have been associated with the company since its inception. James C. Benerofe founded the company and is the chief executive officer. Stephen E. Morton is a professional photographer/videographer and media consultant.


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