Nonprofit Westchester Executive Director Takes Economic Study Findings on the Road

Report Receives Positive Response from Business Leaders, Government Officials, Nonprofit Sector and Community Residents

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. (May 2014) – Since Nonprofit Westchester (NPW) first announced the results of its report released in conjunction with The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies in March, Joanna Straub, NPW Executive Director has been on a mission to take the findings on the road and has already presented the report to hundreds of business leaders, officials and dignitaries in the county.

“People have found the report to be fascinating and incredibly important to the community at-large,” Straub said. “The response has been nothing short of great, particularly among those who work or volunteer for nonprofits. But, this response is not limited to our sector; business leaders and public officials are telling us just how important nonprofits are to the community, the economy and our quality of life.”

The study, entitled “Westchester County Nonprofits: A Major Economic Engine,” found that 53,987 people, or 13.6 percent, of the county’s total workforce is employed by nonprofits. That’s one out of every seven workers. Additionally, this sector generated $6.9 billion in revenues and paid roughly $2.7 billion in wages and compensation – including hundreds of millions in federal, state and local taxes.

“We are pleased with the responses we have received thus far and plan to continue to spread the word throughout the summer so that the community understands the economic as well as quality of life contributions that nonprofits make to our community,” Straub added.